Is your computer network and data at risk? Of course, everyone’s is. It’s just to what degree.

Today’s technology landscape is perpetually being redefined. With an estimated million+ variants of malware being released into cyberspace every day, it is impossible not to be left feeling a little unnerved.  It’s no longer if, but when. It’s not what would they do with your data but instead, what could you do without it?

Education and layers of security are the core essentials to combat the nefarious criminal activities on the information highway. The end users (you and your employees) are the primary access points for cyber criminals. After all cybersecurity, is not always as obvious as deleting the email from the Nigerian Prince looking for a little help for which you will be graciously rewarded. It cannot be stressed enough. To ensure your businesses survival you must take heed – Vigilanti Semper! Do not let human frailty or technology deficiencies compromise your efforts.

According to the FBI’s 2017 Internet Crime Report (released May 7, 2018), Colorado ranks as one of the Top 10 US States for the number of reported internet crime victims at 7,909 last year. Keep in mind, that in a recent article in the New York Times An “Iceberg” of Unseen Crimes stated that in 2016 the Internet Crime Complaint Center(IC3) estimated more that 85% of cybercrimes went unreported.

Establishing a sound security perimeter is not a fix-it and forget-it endeavor. It requires properly tested procedures and policies for everyone to adhere to. What can you do? Plenty. Begin with an independent assessment and establish a baseline by which you will measure your progress.

As your partner in protection, Computer Worx has comprehensive approaches to security and compliance, and creates packages contoured to fit your company’s needs including, but not limited to:

  • Network Security – Protecting your perimeter against hackers, malware, viruses and spyware with VPNs, firewalls, and other advanced cyber security methods.
  • Structured Reporting - Updates on usage and site tracking to monitor all activity at a frequency that fits your needs.
  • Policy and Prevention Training – Education is a lifelong endeavor, especially when it comes to technology. Professional employee training and testing is a cornerstone to maintain a secure data environment.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Software patching and updating keeps your systems current while hardware life-cycle management adds foresight and stability to your budget.

“People throughout the Company Who Listen to the Customer”

“Ease of reaching someone if we have a question or concern; and the most important one in the past year: quick and efficient response to our "crypto virus" attack! Also: routine remote maintenance of the network; ease of reporting an issue or asking a question; recommendations to keep up with security and storage concerns; friendly, knowledgeable people throughout the company who listen to the customer/client and don't "talk down" in response.”

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