B: What is your favorite aspect of working in IT?
J: There is never a dull moment, it is always changing. When operating systems change, you have to keep reading to keep up. It’s always changing.

B: Describe your process for learning a new technology?
J: Diving in head first, get my hands dirty. Get in and then figure it out my way. Work through the stumbling blocks so you are prepared for things in the future.

B: What is the best way to keep your skills current?
J: Creating your own lab environment. Determine what you want to improve, weather its office 365 or something else and work it out. Right now, I want to get back into Lennox, so I built a Lennox environment in my lab.

B: One of this year’s IBM 5 in 5 (five innovations that will change our lives within 5 years) is that robots will help to clean our oceans. It was announced earlier this year that first cleanup system will be deployed this year to the Great Pacific garbage patch (currently between Hawaii and California, 2x the size of Texas) what other aspect of technology do you see becoming mainstream within five years?
J: Hopefully, Virtual Reality. Being able to throw up a TV screen, where ever you want. They need to get it better than what currently exists.

B: What is your favorite app?
J: Sudoku, it keeps the mind going.

B: What facet of technology would you like to see become less dominant in our lives, or even see eliminated? Social media is awful. I’m on Facebook so I can monitor my daughter. I tell her every little comment will be there forever and that social media is not everything. Also, webcams. When the director of the FBI tells you to cover up your camera- you know there is something wrong.

B: Do you share any information yourself online?
J: No, (while shaking his head) Definitely not.

B:  What technology-related websites or blogs do you follow?
J: Reddit for MSP Knowledge. There are all sorts of pages.

B: When did you realize that IT would be the career path you would follow?
J: Once I really started working in IT. I Started at Staples as their tech and something just clicked. One day a teenager came in with her computer with all sorts of viruses. She had clicked something that she shouldn’t have and had a pop-up stating her anti-virus had expired so she entered her credit card information. I told her to contact the credit card company immediately. A week later she came back in to thank me. It was then I knew that this was what I wanted to be doing with my life. IT is everchanging, it’s fun.

B: What’s one thing now, you would tell yourself as a teenager?
J: Don’t fret the little things, it is something that I am still learning. I used to let the littlest of things set me off from 1 to 10, now not so much.

B: How old are your children?
J: Six and Fourteen.
B: How do you describe your job to your six-year-old?
J: Daddy works on computers or as she says Daddy works on computers in his pajamas.

B: If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?
J: Oh, that’s a tough one… this is going to be an odd one (smiling), but I am going to have to say Nick Saban (University of Alabama football coach), even though I hate Alabama, It’s his sense of discipline. The discipline that he exhibits on the field, in the way he runs the team.

B: What have the last few years taught you?
J: Definitely be more active, get out and do something every day.